Nutritious Curry made by a budding 16-year old chef!

Chicken and Vegetable Coconut Curry with home-made Kaari Masala .. made by an aspiring 16-year old chef, Krishiv Ahuja!

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Here is the recipe which can be tried out .. ! 

Heat oil. Add jeera, curry leaves, garlic ginger paste, sliced onions and saute for sometime. Add cooked chicken pieces, veggies like capsicum, carrots, cauliflower and cook for sometime. Then add home-made kaari masala and saute for few minutes. 

Add coconut milk, chicken/vegetable stock, salt and cook for sometime on medium heat.

Then, finally add tamarind paste (water in which tamarind is soaked) and cook for few more minutes. Note: Tamarind is optional!  

Serve the kaari (curry) with hot white rice!

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  • Superb!! Way to go Krishiv!

  • Super boy keep it going.future master chef in the making.start for veg recipes.

  • Brilliant Krishiv!


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