Maheela Tips & Hacks - How to crack open a coconut without hassle

Hack Courtesy: Zainab Raja - Ruqaiyah Bakes 

Award: Most Useful Hack 

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Hack on how to crack open a coconut without hassle

Are you one of those who dread to buy a coconut just to realize how will you cut it open without hurting your fingers or breaking your floor??
You don’t need to worry anymore !
Coconut shell has natural lines length wise
Just hit on each of it hard
Then hit on it breadthwise

You will get two halves without a hassle

You can collect the coconut water in a bowl.
Roast the coconut with the shell on gas.
Then hold it with a napkin, insert a knife separating the shell from the coconut
You will get the coconut as a whole 😃
You don’t stop here
You can Go ahead and use the shell to serve your dessert eg Set custard etc
Or even use it to hang a lamp in your balcony
Happy Sustainable living !


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