Learn & Manage your Finances - Workshop for Women Entrepreneurs

You Tube Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AGyVCAq_c9E

An interactive and informative talk by Sangeeta Sumesh, the Gain Enabler on how to manage the finances for home-based businesses. Taking us through a relatable use case, and explaining concepts of cash/book profits with examples and numbers, highlighting the common mistakes homepreneurs may make and much more!


About Maheela:

Maheela is an online marketplace for talented women to sell handmade products and exhibit their skills and creativity. Maheela is a one stop digital store for home-made condiments, gourmet food, healthy delicacies, handcrafted exquisite home décor, quilted and knitted fashion accessories, organic personal care, gifts and more. Maheela aims to give the customers a unique, smooth and easy shopping experience.


Website: www.maheelapower.com
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