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Featuring Vimal Balachander, a very talented Maheela Woman Entrepreneur

Featuring Vimal, a very talented Maheela Entrepreneur who learnt the art of crochet online and finds this hobby as a stress-buster especially during these tough times! Check out her collection of crochet jewellery and accessories @

Have you learnt a new skill in recent times - be it baking, knitting, painting or tailoring or any other? Do share pictures/video of any skill (in the Comment section) that you have learnt and that will surely encourage others to pick up and start learning a new skill too! Or you can share on Facebook and Instagram and tag @maheelapower and use #maheelaskillup! 

About Maheela:

Maheela is an online marketplace for talented women to sell handmade products and exhibit their skills and creativity. Maheela is a one stop digital store for home-made condiments, gourmet food, healthy delicacies, handcrafted exquisite home décor, quilted and knitted fashion accessories, organic personal care, gifts and more. Maheela aims to give the customers a unique, smooth and easy shopping experience.



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