Art of Quilting put to Innovative use!

Quilting started from the ancient times when the women of the house did not want to waste any cloth left in the household and made clothes for themselves. Slowly, this turned out to be a beautiful art and caught eyes of many people and became a fashion statement.

Quilting is used for clothing and furnishing and it has been a part of needlework tradition. Quilted products are relatively rare. The layers of cloth are spread on the ground held in place with weight on the edges and sewn together with rows of criss-cross. these criss-cross and squares formed should be perfect which is only possible under extreme focus and experienced machine work. The use of bold colours, prints and alternate grid work makes the outcome exceptionally gorgeous.

                 Quilted Thread Organizer                Quilted Passport Holder

Lot of innovative products like Multi-purpose organizers, Thread organizers, Sanitizer holders, Passport holders, Wallets and much more are made through quilting. Shop online at

Write-up Courtesy: Aliasgar Juzer

About Maheela:
Maheela is an online marketplace for talented women to sell handmade products and exhibit their skills and creativity. Maheela is a one stop digital store for home-made condiments, gourmet food, healthy delicacies, handcrafted exquisite home décor, quilted and knitted fashion accessories, organic personal care, gifts and more. Maheela aims to give the customers a unique, smooth and easy shopping experience.




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